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Date Of Birth: 09-05-1994

I am Akinloye Josiah i am a futurist, and i have passion for new invention that improves humanity betterment of living... I am a Transhumanist, Founder, a violinist, an Engineer, Inventor/problem solver... I believe the world can be a better place for humanity... and I believe in the movement to mars and colonization of other planets humans. I trust and have believe in the supreme being and Mother Nature. I am aslo in support of 2045 Initiative (immortality/Anti-Aging).


Ladoke AkinTola University of Technology

BTech in Mechanical Engineering April 2015

I pursue a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Mechanical Engineering... In Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso from the year 2010-2015.



December 2019

Being part of the World Transhumanist and a Board Member of the Enlightment Transhumanist of Nigeria, i was featured on the world tranhumanist website https://iamtranshuman.org/2019/12/02/joshiah-akinloye/.

FEATURED ON Internation Longevity Alliance (ILA)

March 2019

I am also part of the International Longevity Alliance and attent the General assembly of the ILA., http://longevityalliance.org/?q=ila-2018-general-assembly.


Main-Logix limited

Founder and CEO May 2018 - Present

Main-Logix is an home Automation company that enables users to control there home rmotely from home. Mainlogix provides a solution that covers security, safety and Human life improvement. Our technology is a retrofit to all existing home devices. Our technology enables home owners to automate task process or daily routine without or with a single click.

HubTecs Technological Institute

Founder and Ceo March 2017 - Present

HUBTECS is an Information and Technology Institute for Primary, secondary schools and young ones which deals in Training of young ones in Technology. Our objective is to deliver integrated, Effective and efficient training to secondary and primary school students and Youths in general. We provide cost effective business and professional trainings across many platforms. Our business solutions span across schools industries such as oil and gas, financial, maritime, education, project management, health care, engineering, IT, and non-profit and NGOs.


Founder/President October 2017 -Present

SAVYCON is reliable outsourcing platform with ads features tailored to redefining outsourcing in the best way clients and freelancers appreciate. Clients who need their works done perfectly can select and unselect from outstanding freelancers who have necessary requirements. On the platform, you can inform millions of users what you need in a short message. Clients have access to myriads of services without overspending and falling into wrong hands. Beyond freelancing, Savycon.com allows you to post Ads, gives users the privilege to connect with those who need their services, and atones employees with capable and ready to work freelancers.


Founder/Chief Technical Officer March 2018 -Present

CITILAMP is a reliable travel and restaurant website company providing hotel and restaurant reviews, accommodation bookings and other travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums.It predict weather condition, Calculation of Time difference, Travelling News, Exchange and Harzard news using Artificial Intelligence... For a secure tour and Home away from Home tour. etc.


Google Online Marketing Challenges

GOMC March 2015 - (Rank-Semi-Finalist)

2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) - Partnered with imerialedservices.com on creating AdWords Online marketing campaign for their online products.

World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure

Developing a Green community Infrastructure” November, 2014

• I made a presentation on “Developing a Green community Infrastructure” at World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WESCI) which was held in Abuja, Nigeria ” and I was award a certificate for this.


These are my major field and Discipline of Interest with level of skill-bars.

  • Python(AI/ML/NLP)
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC and Hardware
  • BlockChain Technology and Smart Contract
  • Robotics and Machine Design
  • Linux OS


  • "MindSet Powered By Hardwork equals Unbeatable Achievements"

    Josiah Akinloye
  • Never compete with your counterpart but rather complement him

    Josiah Akinloye
  • To Achieve a dream, Dreams must be sacrifice

    Josiah Akinloye

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